About us

Who We Are

The South Salinas Valley Broadband Authority (SSVBA) is a five-municipality JPA that was formed in May of 2022. The ultimate goal of the SSVBA is to deploy open-access municipal broadband across Soledad, Gonzales, Greenfield, King City, and unincorporated D3 Monterey County. As a public agency, the SSVBA is subject to the provisions of the Brown Act. The Monterey Bay Economic Partnership (MBEP) served as the Founding Executive Director of the SSVBA from 2022-2024. The current Executive Director is the City of Greenfield.

Our Mission

The purpose of the South Salinas Broadband Authority (SSVBA) is to maximize funding for the purpose of bringing broadband services as a utility available to all residents within the SSVBA jurisdiction - especially for unserved, underserved, and disadvantaged communities - at a low cost. This will be done by developing community broadband such as extending last-mile connections where the middle-mile fiber is available, creating an Open Access Broadband Network, and launching a broadband outreach program to provide service with the following minimum standards for connectivity:

Complete SSVBA bylaws can be viewed here.