Fernando Cabrera

Council Member, City of Soledad

Fernando Cabrera was born in a small San Jerónimo community in Purísima del Rincon, Guanajuato. He is the oldest of seven siblings: two sisters and five brothers. He and his family emigrated to the United States in 1986. Since then, Soledad has been his home. He did not attend any local schools but passed the GED in 1991 and a couple of ESL classes at Hartnell College. He attended Hartnell College as a regular full-time student in 1996 at age 29 and graduated with an AA in Health Education and a Drug and Alcohol Counseling Certificate in 1998. After that, he transferred to San Jose State University, earning a BA and an MA. He also completed the education portion of the Education Leadership Doctoral Program at SCU Stanislaus, and his doctoral thesis is still in progress.

He currently works in the tax industry, preparing tax returns, teaching in-person and virtual federal and state tax law classes, and managing classes’ virtual tax content. He has 17 years of teaching experience at the community college level. He was an associate professor for San Jose City College, Mission College, and Hartnell College. He also has experience working for nonprofit organizations in adult education and training. His training experience focused on transformational change and conflict resolution. He is also serving as a Soledad City Councilmember.